Testcrete Australia performs onsite concrete
testing, coring and concrete investigation works.

Australian Standards

We offer a comprehensive range of concrete testing in accordance with Australian Standards and compliance with AS ISO/IEC 17025 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.  This includes:

AS 1012.1

Sampling of Concrete

AS 1012.3.1

Determination of properties related to the consistency of concrete – Slump test

AS 1012.4.2

Determination of air content of freshly mixed concrete- Measuring reduction in air pressure in chamber above concrete

AS 1012.8.1

Method for making and curing concrete- Compression and indirect tensile test specimens

AS 1012.8.2

Method for making and curing concrete- Flexure test specimens

AS 1012.8.3

Methods of making and curing concrete- Mortar and grout specimens

AS 1012.8.4

Method for making and curing concrete- Drying shrinkage specimens prepared in the field or in the laboratory

AS 1012.9

Compressive strength tests- Concrete, mortar and grout specimens

AS 1012.11

Determination of the modulus of rupture

AS 1012.12.1

Determination of mass per unit volume of hardened concrete- Rapid measuring method

AS 1012.14

Method for securing and testing cores from hardened concrete for compressive strength and mass per unit volume

Road and Maritime Services

Testcrete Australia also offers concrete testing in accordance with Road and Maritime Services (RMS) specifications. These tests can be performed both during normal business hours and out-of-hours as required.


Method for sampling fresh concrete


Consistence of concrete (slump test)


Moulding of concrete specimens for testing in compression, indirect tension and flexure


Inspection and capping of concrete compression test specimens


Compressive strength of concrete specimens


Compressive strength of concrete cores


Drying shrinkage of concrete


MPUV of hardened concrete


Determination of air content of freshly mixed concrete


Making and curing of concrete flexural test specimens


Flexural strength of concrete specimens


Sampling and testing of grout

Other Tests Available

Rebound Hammer


Water Permeability

Chloride Permeability

Chloride Content

Thermal Resistivity

Washout Test (SFRC)

Testcrete Australia is one of the few facilities in Australia to have obtained NATA accreditation for ASTM International C1074 Standard practice for estimating concrete strength by the maturity method.